Decoupage is applied arts, in which cut motif or image from different materials (mainly paper, but also wood, leather or fabric). Then the motive is glued or using various effective techniques decoupage is attached on a surface for decoration (wood, metal, cloth, etc.). It can be used gold or medium for the aging and cracking of the surface. Every detail is sealed with several layers of lacquer, while the image is aligned with the surface and do not feel the edges. It can use any theme, but Victorian design is the most popular because modern decoupage is a revival of European art from the 18th and 19th centuries. It applies mainly on the subject, as a small box, plate, vase, candle or an item of furniture - cabinet example. You can freshen up old furniture or decorate new. It is also used to design extravagant items of home decor, clothing and accessories.

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